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5 Things to Decide in Wedding Planning

If you are one of those couples who just got engaged over Christmas and New Years, then let me first congratulate you! There is nothing more exciting than looking down on your hand and seeing that ring. A constant reminder that he wants to marry you! I remember feeling like my heart could burst with happiness. 🙂

After getting engaged, the next thing obviously is to plan the wedding. You probably are spending a lot of time searching the internet and books for wedding planning lists that give you a month to month, step by step of what to do next in your planning. It is very helpful, I lived by The Knot’s Checklist, however, without the big picture all set you may find yourself all scatter brained!

Lucky for you, it is easy because everything can fall under these five categories. Decide what you want in each of these categories and all of your other details will fall into place.

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1. Money

When it comes to planning your wedding, it really comes down to money. You can’t get that $5,000 gown you saw on Say Yes To The Dress if your budget is $10,000 for the whole wedding. Traditionally the Bride’s parents pay for the wedding but these days the money can come from anyone. See what both sides can contribute and even look at what you can contribute. Then you will have yourself a general number on budget and you can adjust all the aspects of your wedding accordingly.

2. Location

Not only is this one important for when looking at a place that means a lot to you but you also will be able to determine how much of your family will be traveling and how far. The number of guests who can attend might be smaller if far or larger if at your home town.

Then you would consider accommodations for your traveling guests and what day of the week would be best for guests to take time off. Also, if you are planning your wedding at a location distant from where you live now, that would also determine how you would go about choosing your vendors and who can help you find them.

3. Time of Year

Do you imagine yourself getting married as the sun sets? Are you wanting to get married in the outdoors? Once you got your location down, you will need to check out the tendencies of that time of year. The weather, when the sun sets, and the usual crazy seasons such as hurricane season, tornado season, etc. Also, if it is going to be during the height of wedding season, you’ll need to book places and vendors quick. Once you got that figured out you can decided your date and time of the ceremony (of course assuming your venue will allow you to get married at your preferred time)

4. Style

Do you want your wedding to be formal and fancy, modern and chic, or casual and whimsy? Determining the style will determine the attire, the decor, the colors and the venues. It is hard to make those detail decisions without knowing you and your groom’s style!

5. Wedding Planner

Are you planning your wedding from afar? Do you work full time? Or are you going to be able to be hands on all the time? Do you have friends and family that can help or are you all alone in your planning? My biggest regret was not hiring a wedding planner at least for the day of my wedding. It is nice to be able to say, “Don’t worry, my planner’s got it”

Also, you’ll have peace of mind that someone who does know what to do has got your back. Based on the questions I mentioned, really consider if a planner is for you and then hire one! They’ll be able to cover the details you might forget and they should be able to find you savings that would cover the cost of hiring them.

So now tell me who is engaged now! Do you have any of these 5 things covered already? Got any comments or questions to share?



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