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Organizing a Royal Wedding

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The Royal Wedding Card

The wedding card inviting the select few to the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton was a simple 10 inch by 6 inch heavy card, white in colour, with the insignia (engraved in gold) of the Queen of England. All the other wedding stationery matched the simple elegance of the wedding card.

Matching the overall theme of the wedding stationery, the wording on the card was also very simple. It states that the Queen had commanded the Lord Chamberlain to invite the recipient to the ceremony. The edges of the card had been bevelled and later gilded, to give it a distinctive look.

This simple piece of wedding stationery informed 1900 VIPs, including royalty and political heads of state, schoolmates and friends from university, close family and other friends that they had been invited to the event.

The Traditional Royal Wedding Favors

As befitting a royal wedding, the wedding decorations were also tastefully done up. The royal couple preferred a whole host of floral decorations, and selected all their designers with care. As far as the wedding favors were concerned, small pieces of the wedding cake were sent out in white decorative boxes with the names William and Catherine written on it in silver lettering, and bearing a royal insignia on top.

A small card was enclosed which matched the wedding stationery, and simply stated : “With best wishes from TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in celebration of the wedding of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge”. Considering the huge expenditure that the ceremony itself cost, the piece of cake could be considered a priceless but cheap wedding favors, and also a much personalised favor.

Other Small But Important Details

All the crockery and cutlery used for the banquet that followed were made of the finest china, and the wedding napkins and other napkins also had royal insignia on them. Instead of just one flower girl, the royal wedding had at least four of them, looking cute in their white dresses.

Have Your Own Version Of The Royal Wedding

You need not be royalty to match the wedding stationery used by the royal couple for its clean and simple look. In fact, you will be able to source matching and coordinated wedding stationery, including guest books, pens, table number placards, place cards, personalised wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Having all of this wedding stationery ready and in place will give your wedding an elegant look and feel, which will match that of the royal couple.

Remember that attention to detail is important during the planning stages of any wedding, and the more you think about the apparently “small” things like the wedding stationery, the more impressive and distinctive your final event will turn out to be. After all, a wedding comes around perhaps only once in a lifetime. To have a perfect experience, you cannot take anything casually…even if it is something simple like the wedding stationery.

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