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Personalised Wedding Favors for your Guests

wedding favors

To make your big day that extra bit special, then giving wedding favors to your guests or even personalised favors to give that extra bit of meaning can really add a touch of class to the whole day.

Wedding favors or personalised favors add to the wedding decorations and there are many items to choose from for the wedding favors.


Sparkers wedding favors are always a treat particularly with the amount of variety available such as pink, silver or gold mini indoor sparklers wedding favors, star shaped sparklers wedding favors and heart shaped sparklers wedding favors for the flower girl.


A good wedding decoration for the tables which can double as a personalised wedding favor are items such as mini heart shaped hand warmer wedding favors or heart shaped wine stopper wedding favors.

Personalised Favors

To add some meaning to your gifts, personalised favors such as the elegant white holding fans wedding favors or the white orchid candles wedding favors for the ladies and the football theme miniature sports machine personalised favors for the men will work a treat.

If you have a budget for a cheap wedding favor but one that still shows class, then have a look at either the wedding table trivia wedding favors or the organza bags personalised favors.

No matter which wedding favors you choose be it a personalised wedding favor or not, you can be sure your guests will remember the big day with the special meaning that you gave them.

How to Get Cheap Wedding Favors

When you are looking for cheap wedding favors, you are likely to find that they will still be priced higher than similar items for other occasions. That said, there are still some ways to obtain cheap wedding favors at a lower cost than you may have realised. If you are willing to be a little bit patient and creative, you can also get:

*wedding decorations that can also become cheap wedding favors also known as personalised favors

*cheap wedding favors and wedding napkins combined

*cheap wedding favors for the flower girl and other bridal party members

Discounted Wedding Favors

During the process of searching for wedding favors and napkins, you should never overlook discount opportunities. Even if you happen to find advertisements for cheap wedding favors from a foreign country, you may still be able to save a good bit of money. In fact, you may be surprised at how easy it really is to find deals.

Make Your Own

When you cannot find discounted personalised favors, you can also try finding cheap wedding favors online. Today, finding your own cheap wedding favors online gives you a chance to give a special gift to each person in the party. No matter whether some cheap wedding favors are composed around one or dozens of themes, you are sure to find that these cheap wedding favors will become cherished keepsakes.

Why should you spend a fortune on conventional cheap wedding favors? If you buy them at discounted rates online, you will have more money for other things. Aren’t you already spending enough on your wedding without overlooking cheap wedding favors?

Unique Stuff

Wedding favors are typically little “return gifts” that the couple give to their guests, which can be taken home by them to serve as a memory of the wedding. Wedding favors may be elaborate personalised favors, meant to be given to selected members of your wedding party as a token of your special regard for them, or they may be simple, cheap wedding favors, meant to be more of a fun, playful token of affection rather than a serious gift.

Wedding favors are usually chosen in such a way that they complement the overall theme and style of the wedding. Wedding favors may fall into a variety of classes; they could be:

  • candle wedding favors (white orchid candles, heartshaped candles, wedding dress candles, present box candles)
  • edible wedding favors (heart-shaped chocolate lollypops, mini gumball machines, after-dinner chocholates, heart-shaped Belgium chocolates)
  • wedding favour gifts (photo frames, wine stoppers, hand warmers, jewel boxes, fans, candles)
  • do it yourself wedding favors (favour boxes, drawstring bags),
  • unique wedding favors (indoor sparklers, magnet photo frames, engagement ring key chains, hand cut crystal boxes, silk folding fans),
  • practical wedding favors (heart-shaped wine stoppers and hand warmers, fridge bling diamond magnets, organza bags, cake candles) and
  • personalised wedding favors (vintage lace favour box wraps, monogram mirror frame sticker, miniature metal pails, and personalised ribbons).
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